Curso académico 2022-2023
Duración del curso: 01 octubre 2020 - 23 junio 2021

Nivel Intermedio Avanzado (Upper Intermediate) 2º parte

Turno Profesor/a Importe Plazas libres  
A- Martes y jueves de 11.30 a 13 h. 325.00 15  
B- Martes y jueves de 11.30 a 13 h. Suwisah ( Suzy ) Mokobombang Sambali 325.00 3  





-Achieve B2 level.

-Advance to the next course


-Revision of Verb Tenses.

-Modal Verbs: Advice. Ability. Prohibition and obligation.

-Conditionals. Speculating about the past.

-Countable and Uncountable Nouns.

-Passives. Causatives (have, make, let and get).

-Relative clauses.

-Comparatives and Superlatives

-Vocabulary: Travel., food, mental activities, gadgets and their parts, achievement and success, uses of the verb to get, expressions with mind, phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions connected with speech, the body, expressions with come and go.