Curso académico 2022-2023
Duración del curso: 03 noviembre 2020 - 23 junio 2021

Nivel Mantenimiento taller conversación (C1-C2 Speaking)

Turno Profesor/a Importe Plazas libres  
A.- Martes de 18 a 20 h. 225.00 9  






  • Students should have passed the CAE exam or other C1-level equivalent
  • Students must have an ability to express themselves and understand dialogues at an advanced level
  • Must enjoy speaking, sharing opinions and listening to others


  • Reinforce Advanced-level speaking and listening abilities
  • More fluid oral communication
  • Maintain or increase abilities to interact in various scenarios: personal, social, work, travel, etc.
  • Sharing and listening to others’ opinions on various topics


Material: Chosen by the teacher

  • Discussions and readings will be taken from various sources including newspapers, magazines, relevant Internet sites, film, music, etc.
  • Critical thinking and taking part in various discussions sharing personal opinions on current and everyday events
  • Weekly reading, videos, etc. to be analyzed and discussed in class
  • Topics include: Education, work, politics, business, travel, geography, culture, food, sport, technology, communication, etc.