Curso académico 2021-2022
Duración del curso: 01 octubre 2020 - 23 junio 2021


Turno Profesor/a Importe Plazas libres  
B- Viernes de 18 a 21h. Christina Kelly 395.00 COMPLETO  





Requirements: Demonstrate a minimum level of C1.

Do the level test at the following link:


Familiarise the students with the exam format and the language requirements necessary to pass the Cambridge C2 Proficiency exam.


  • Grammar: Problem tenses, passives, modal verbs, subjunctive, unreal past, conditionals, linking clauses. Adjectives and adverbs, nouns and articles, determiners and pronouns, noun clauses, relative clauses, emphasis, reported speech, verb complementation.
  • Vocabulary: Collocation, phrasal verbs, frequency, metaphor, idiomatic expressions, phrases with take, come, place, set, live, etc., synonyms, register.
  • Functional language on a wide range of situations including: Environment, relationships, personal appearance, personality, music, etc.
  • Writing: Essay, formal and informal letters, review and report.
  • Past exam and CPE task type practice.